Dog Bark Deterrent Device to Stop Bad Behavior

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Pattern ⚡Latest model
Color Cali Orange
Material ABS Plastic
Brand NPS
Closure Type 🟪🟪🟪GAME CHANGER🟪🟪🟪
  • Stops All Challenges – 2.7x Faster Behavior Modification: Chewer? Digger? Biter? Chaser? More than an anti barking device, our indoor outdoor dog training tools leverage the newest patented NPS technology to grab your pets attention and stop them in their tracks. Squirrel!
  • 3.3x More Effective Than Dog Bark Collar – Don’t subject your dog to the painful shock of a dog bark collar. NPS Ultrasonic Dog Barking Control Devices combine auto shut-off hearing safety with ultrasonic dog whistle to stop barking technology for happier neighbors, restful sleep and a well behaved pup!
  • 1 Hour Rapid Charge – Long Lasting 60 Days Battery: 1000mAh bark control device charges fast and works hard – whether you’re using dog whistle mode, strobe mode, flashlight mode and 25 kHz ultrasonic training mode to modify behavior without stop.
  • Premium Pup Protection – Hold for Advanced Modes: With 8 second ultrasonic auto-shut off, and a hold function that extends whistle and strobe, this barking collar nemesis is the dog barking control device strikes the perfect balance between rapid training and protecting pups’ sensitive hearing.
  • Tails-a-Wagging Creedo – Tested 3.4x more effective than a dog training clickers or whistle for dogs, with an ultrasonic mode that delivers 2.7x faster behavior modification – “bark quiet” and “bark deterrent” than the best dog obedience program. Warning: Only buy new and direct from here to ensure best results. This product may not be effective on dogs with hearing impairments.

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Help train your dog to stop unwanted behaviors: barking, jumping up, food stealing, dog aggression, biting, chewing & furniture avoidance. No need to yell or swat; point to the dog. Push the button. NPS grabs your pet’s attention and stops them in their tracks.

For Indoor & Outdoor Use

dog barking deterrent no barking device for dogs dog barking deterrent anti barking device training

Fast behavior modification

dog barking deterrent no barking device for dogs dog barking deterrent anti barking device training

dog barking deterrent no barking device for dogs dog barking deterrent anti barking device training

Stop Barking Without Yelling at Your Dog!

Have you had enough of your dog’s crazy barking? Are you having trouble training your dog? Or are you worried about your safety from stray dogs when you’re walking outside? NPS Bark Eliminator and Furry Pet Trainer Give You an Easy Way to Correct Your Dogs Behavior Safely and Easily.

Does NPS Alpha work on all dogs?

Like people, all dogs have different temperaments and just about 3% of dogs may not respond to the sonic (whatever brand) due to nature traits of PTSD. If that case of your dog, please contacts us and we’ll buy it back. We stand behind our product!

Is NPS safe for pets and humans?

Absolutely. We love dog parents as much as we love dogs and cats, and keeping peace of mind in your homes makes our day! We’ve spent 6 years developing and testing to achieve exceptional safety for dogs, cats, humans & planet.

How does the NPS 2.7x faster stop dogs’ unwanted behavior and barking?

New 2023 patented NPS technology grabs dog’s attention & stops bad behavior. Tested & proven with an ultrasonic mode that delivers 2.7x faster behavior modification than the best dog obedience programs, You’ll love your results, or we’ll buy it back.

Does NPS have an inaudible for humans’ silent mode to stop the neighbor’s dog barking?

We apprehend that delicate situations happen when you don’t want someone to notice that you’re using the device to obtain your peace of mind. We added the “NPS silent sonic private mode” that not audible for humans but effective on dogs.

Why is NPS most effective with dogs age 6 months to 8 years?

Age-related hearing loss makes it challenging for dogs over age 8 to hear and react. Before 6 months, a puppy’s auditory system is not developed enough to fully understand the impact.

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Point to the dog, give a command, hit the button

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Weight 6,74 kg
Dimensions 2 × 0,1 cm
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 4 x 2 x 0.1 inches; 6.74 Ounces

Item model number ‏

‎ U33

Batteries ‏

‎ 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available ‏

‎ November 14, 2022



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9 reviews for Dog Bark Deterrent Device to Stop Bad Behavior

  1. Coby

    Incredible device – has changed our life, no jokeWell I didn’t expect this to work like it did. I was 99% sure my chihauhua who is an ‘excited barker’, was destined to be this way forever. Nope, even the most aggressive barkers can change and I can’t believe how quickly this device stopped her from her excessive barking that was out of control. I pointed the device at her after the first bark, sounded the warning sound and when she barked again I pressed the second button for the high frequency sound. She cringed and backed away and did not bark again when getting out of the car which hadn’t happened in about a year. I was considering getting a no-shock bark collar but as she is a rescue I really didn’t want to put something frightening around her neck so this device was the last resort. It has made car trips easy again and my partner is much happier when we pull up somewhere now not having to deal with the embarrassment of my dog going crazy and sounding like a kid screaming ‘help!’ It was beyond embarrassing. She also used to do the worst farts as she barked which I put down to her pushing the barks out so hard that a fart escaped too! Loud barking and stinky farts are a very disorientating thing we had come to realise so every time we pulled up in the car it would end with my partner and I arguing and both in a bad mood. Now I don’t even have to use the high frequency sound, if she is getting psyched up when the car starts to pull up somewhere, I press the normal beep sound and she instantly settles down and rarely lets one bark escape. Safe to say the car smells a lot nicer now too. This device is an absolute game changer I can’t explain it any better but I was not expecting this to do much and it has exceeded all expectations and has become by most valued Amazon purchase to date!

  2. Amazon カスタマー


  3. jksugu

    NPS saved me from stray dogsThank you NPS! This device saved me and my wife from pack of street dogs today.

  4. Angélica Granados Reina

    Muy buen aparatoSirve muy bien para el entrenamiento de los perritos

  5. Amanda van zwyndregt

    SurprisinglyI purchased this product as a last-ditch effort for my foster dog, Jack, who is a 3-year-old German Shepherd cross. Jack has been with me since October, and I had reached a point where I needed a solution for his behavior.Upon receiving the remote, I realized it required charging. I used it once, just once, with the default setting, and since then, I have rarely needed to use it again. Interestingly, whenever I have the remote in my hands, Jack immediately changes his behavior and sits obediently, tail wagging. While it doesn’t happen every time, it has become more frequent, and he seems to have learned not to engage in undesirable behavior.I was genuinely amazed by how well the remote worked, and I now wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who will listen. It has truly been an incredible tool for me. Of course, I understand that not every dog is the same, and I initially had concerns about whether it would be effective or worth the investment. However, I couldn’t take the risk of Jack persisting in his problematic actions, especially considering his strength and the presence of my small children. Thankfully, my worries were unfounded, and the remote exceeded my expectations.For those reading this review, I want to emphasize that this product is definitely worth trying. I had hoped and prayed that Jack wouldn’t be resistant to it, and fortunately, it worked exceptionally well for us. I hope you have a similar experience.I also want to address a concern I had about the remote affecting my other animals. So far, I haven’t noticed any changes in their behavior when the remote is being used on Jack. I don’t believe this product is a one-size-fits-all solution, but it does come impressively close.

  6. Audra F.

    We have three dogs and my daughter was home from school for the holidays and she had her dog. With four dogs in the house, it was a little crazy at times. The pups were all feeding off each other. If one of them heard a strange noise, they would bark and then the other three would follow and soon we had a house of barking dogs. Every little strange noise would prompt all of them to bark. I introduced the trainer to them and it worked with the first click of the button. I would say “no bark” when I pushed the button and they soon knew what that meant. With a few more clicks, they now recognize the orange trainer and no longer bark. What I like best about this is there are no collars to buy. I did not have to purchase multiple items. This one trainer works on my dogs and any other dogs that come over. I don’t have to take multiple collars off of the dogs to charge, but instead just charge the handheld trainer. Another reason I like this is that it is just sounds and a light if you choose to use it. I did not have to shock my dogs. This was the best purchase and has saved my sanity! It works perfect and would recommend this product to anyone!

  7. Amazon Customer

    EASY TO USE! It is so well made and the instructions are very easy to read and follow. It is easy to hold in your hand and there are different levels of training. I really like that they have an audible beep to start with and then, if needed, you can move up to ultrasonic and then all three together. There is also a safety so that the correction times out after several seconds. My very yippy and loud pomeranian barks incessantly when we are about to go on a walk. My other 2 dogs then get all riled up. I have had to take them separately on walks because of his bad behavior. IT ONLY TOOK ONE TIME OF CORRECTING HIM TO STOP HIS BARKING!!!! Now, all I have to do is hold up the device and tell him to hush and he does! I only used the ultrasonic button once. The audible beep now works for training when the doorbell rings and I have told him to hush and he keeps barking. They have a QR code and they have a warning to watch video and read instructions thoroughly before you begin to train your dogs. THIS IS AWESOME!! It is so very important that people use this device carefully and minimally. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. My only regret is that I did not buy it sooner!


    This product is AMAZING! Works 100% of the time! I have a Pitador who developed a slight barking problem which resulted in a LOT of yelling. I’d been researching bark collars, but didn’t want him to NOT bark at all, just when I didn’t want him to. If he had a collar that shocked or buzzed every time he barked, he might learn to not bark at all. This product allows him to bark when needed; G-d forbid an intruder or someone being aggressive. But if there’s a squirrel or cat or someone trying to leave or enter the house, legitimately of course, a quick 1 to 2 second burst from this incredible tool and he’s as calm as ever!

  9. damocles

    I rarely give glowing reviews on Amazon especially for products like this. I have tried numerous dog anti-barking/training devices with limited success.I initially purchased this device for my poor neighbors nuisance retriever that barks constantly against the fence. The wind could blow….a noise from across the way and this special pooch is outside barking for 20 minutes. To my neighbors defense they have tried everything….including some devices which hippies might not appreciate. The dog is just special. I have tried numerous devices on this dog and just about nothing works so the fact that this didn’t was no surprise….however my dog reacts instantaneously.Now let me tell you where this device shines. I live next to a 6 foot wide walking path. In the past walking the dog was a pleasant activity with limited interaction. In my area there has been a population explosion and with that brings humans and dogs with all levels of training and behavior, occasionally not so good. There’s the meet and greet that wants to stop dead in the middle of the path and have a dog date, the dog walker with 3 plus dogs, The conference caller who is not paying much attention, The terrified dog owner who goes 15 feet off the path and gives constant reassurance, The somehow I can’t figure out how to walk my dog on the right person, The retractable leash person whose dog has 10 plus feet of leeway, The aggressive dogs who have to be physically restrained, The oh its friendly person as the dog charges, and the worst of all the off leash I am in complete control idiot……I am sure you all get the picture.When I am out for a dog walk its about exercise…its not a social event and my dog and I aren’t interested. If we were we would go to a dog park. This device is amazing…..I carry it in my left hand and most of the time it quickly corrects approaching behavior that the owner cannot or will not. This is is my first line of correction in addition to HALT spray that I carry. Some people may find that overkill but I have an older dog that I have to protect and I have been through several situations where I wish I had this one, two punch in the past. It also sometimes works for fence aggression……you know the kind….when you are walking by minding your own business and some docile lap dog slams his head through loose boards on a fence. Now I can’t say this works all the time…..but probably 70% and mostly all the time when I am on the path. Its enough to provide a quick correction as I am walking on the path (with my dog off to the right) and I can attest that it has stopped off leash charging dogs at least 3 times now.Well worth it to add to your dog walking experience if you live in suburbia.

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