3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush

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Introducing the revolutionary Steamy Pet Grooming Brush, a must-have tool that combines the power of steam with the gentle touch of a brush to redefine your pet grooming routine. This advanced brush is designed to tackle common grooming challenges, offering a unique and effective solution for pet owners.

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Key Features:

Innovative Steam Spray Function: The Steamy Pet Grooming Brush is equipped with a cutting-edge steam spray feature, meticulously designed to loosen and lift stubborn dirt and debris from your pet’s fur. The steam spray is not only safe for your pet but also adds a touch of moisture to the coat, resulting in softer, more manageable fur, and eliminating static cling for a smoother grooming experience.

Premium Material Construction: Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly ABS, this brush promises durability and longevity. The comb teeth, made from top-tier silicone, offer a gentle touch to ensure your pet’s skin is treated with the utmost care, protecting against irritation and discomfort during grooming sessions.

User-Friendly and Ergonomic Design: The steam brush is thoughtfully designed with your comfort in mind. The ergonomic handle provides a firm, comfortable grip and is engineered to rotate 360°, allowing for effortless grooming from every angle. Moreover, the brush is USB rechargeable, ensuring it’s always ready for use without the hassle of constant battery replacements.

Professional Grooming Experience: Activate the power switch and unleash the full potential of the steam spray functionality. Customize the grooming experience by adding water, fabric softener, or deodorizer to the water tank. This tailored spray helps neutralize static electricity and keeps loose fur in check, collecting dander and shed hair seamlessly as you groom your pet.

Versatile and Effective: The Steamy Pet Grooming Brush is not just about functionality; it’s about adaptability. Suitable for pets of all hair types, whether long or short, the brush is expertly designed to glide through your pet’s coat, effortlessly detangling, and removing loose hair. The result is a pet that looks not only cleaner but also exudes beauty and health.


Transform your pet grooming routine with this innovative and versatile grooming brush, and give your furry friend the pampering they deserve.

3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush

3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush

3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush

3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush

3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush

3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush

3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush

3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush

3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush

3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush

3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush



Additional information

Weight 0.16 kg
Dimensions 140 × 80 × 60 cm

Milk Brown, Porcelain White

Electrical outlet


19 reviews for 3-in-1 Steamy Pet Grooming Brush

  1. O***b

    לא מי יודע כמו בסרטון

  2. G***o

    Me en anti

  3. Q***o

    o artigo chegou rápido e me parece ser de qualidade, ainda não utilizei para poder comentar.

  4. N***x

    Highly recommended seller

  5. O***n

    очень классная спасибо большое

  6. K***h

    works great.

  7. K***n


  8. M***t

    Sirve perfecto, eso sí no traía esa botellita de la foto pero de todas formas está perfecto así que supongo que no era necesario

  9. L***e

    Muy buen cepillo. El vapor no sale con mucha fuerza, lo cual es bueno porque así mi gata no se asusta. Permite cepillar y limpiar a la vez el pelo de mi gata. Viene con carga para probar de inmediato

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