Remote Control Interactive Cat Toy Car

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Unveil the ultimate feline adventure with the Crazy-Joy Car – a Remote Control Electric Cat Toy that encapsulates the essence of feline fascination. Merging speed, unpredictability, and interactive play, this innovative toy is tailored to captivate your cat’s instincts and encourage a spectrum of playful activities.

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Key Features:

Electrifying Mouse-Like Movements:
The Crazy-Joy Car is engineered to mimic the rapid and erratic movements of a mouse, instantly drawing your cat’s attention and igniting their natural hunting instincts. Watch your cat engage in a thrilling chase, ensuring they stay entertained while expending energy.

Dual-Mode Delight:
With two distinct operational modes, this Rotating RC car offers versatile fun. The automatic mode triggers spontaneous movements, shakes, and bounces, captivating your cat’s interest without any manual intervention. Alternatively, switch to remote control mode to add an interactive twist to playtime, strengthening the bond between you and your furry friend.

Smart Obstacle Navigation:
Say goodbye to manual rescues from furniture or corners. The Automatic Moving Rolling Car is equipped with advanced motion sensors and an automatic obstacle avoidance system. It gracefully navigates around your home, ensuring safe and uninterrupted play. Witness 360° rolls and clever maneuvers, all thanks to its intelligent design.

Silent and Sturdy Build:
Crafted from high-quality silicone, the Crazy-Joy Car promises durability and quiet operation. Its silent mechanism ensures your cat’s playtime doesn’t disturb your peace or disrupt sleep. Designed to adapt to various surfaces including wood, tile, and thin carpets, this toy ensures your cat’s entertainment is limitless and resilient.

Ideal Companion and Gift:
The Crazy-Joy Car isn’t just a toy; it’s a companion that caters to cats of all ages and sizes. It promotes mental stimulation, physical exercise, and helps prevent obesity and boredom-induced behaviors. Looking for a thoughtful gift for a fellow cat lover? This innovative cat toy guarantees hours of joy and entertainment for their cherished feline friend.

Colors: Blue Sports Car [with replacement head], Orange Sports Car [with replacement head]

Prepare for endless fun and excitement as the Crazy-Joy Car transforms your cat’s playtime into an exhilarating escapade, fostering joy, health, and an active lifestyle.

Remote Control Interactive Cat Toy Car

Remote Control Interactive Cat Toy Car

Remote Control Interactive Cat Toy Car

Remote Control Interactive Cat Toy Car

Remote Control Interactive Cat Toy Car

Remote Control Interactive Cat Toy Car

Remote Control Interactive Cat Toy Car

Remote Control Interactive Cat Toy Car


Additional information

Weight 0,35 kg
Dimensions 250 × 180 × 50 cm

Blue Running Car, Orange Running Car

Electrical outlet


3 reviews for Remote Control Interactive Cat Toy Car

  1. B***p

    my baby cat loved it

  2. U***y

    very cool

  3. U***m

    funny toy!

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