Vsezund Shock Collar, Training Collar with Remote Controller

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Pattern Dog
Color Black
Brand Vsezund
Closure Type Buckle
Target Species Dog
  • 3 Safe and Humane Training Modes: Beep, Vibration(1-8 levels) and Static(0-18 levels). The remote also come with a safety lock, efficiently prevent your dog from unnecessary punishment due to misoperation.
  • Support 3 Channels Maximum Control, for those who have multiple dogs, and need to train two or three dogs through one remote. Up to 2600 ft remote control range, which makes sure you can enjoy the training time with your dog in open space.
  • Rechargeable and long lasting battery life, the receiver will last for 11-15 days after fully charged, and the remote will last for a month. Fully charged in 1-2 hours, and you can also monitor the battery statue on remote display anytime.
  • Adjustable dog training collar, suitable for All Sizes of Dogs: the leash is 28 inches long , and it can be cut off as needed. Perfect for all size dogs (8 lbs~120 lbs), even puppies fit perfectly.
  • The dog collar is IPX7 rated waterproof, ideal for training in any weather and place. Perfect for dogs who enjoy playing in water or outside. Note: the remote is only splash-proof. Do not immerse it into water.

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Product Description

dog collar
Silicone Protective Covers
Suitable for all sizes dogs


Additional information

Weight 7,83 kg
Dimensions 4,17 × 1,81 cm
Package Dimensions ‏

‎ 5.98 x 4.17 x 1.81 inches; 7.83 Ounces

Item model number ‏

‎ GE-G21

Date First Available ‏

‎ March 12, 2022


‎ B09R1G4MSR

Manufacturer ‏

‎ Shenzhen city Liaona Technology Co,.Ltd., Vsezund

10 reviews for Vsezund Shock Collar, Training Collar with Remote Controller

  1. Peter

    did not work at allproduct did not work at all

  2. Dana Wendt

    Does the trick!Definitely works, we’re on day one and is working a treat. Have not heard our dog bark once since putting it on after it’s first buzz.

  3. Thomas B

    Does everything it says !Battery life lasts ages, and works well. We use it with the vibrate setting and it have been so effective in training our dog!

  4. Michelle Norton

    I was at my wits end with my 7 month old puppy. He would rush and bark at people and cars and also try to eat everything off of the ground (and I mean EVERYTHING 💩) on our walks. I tried treats, the clicker training, a muzzle, and even a bark collar, all of which he ignored. I even tried calming treats and they didn’t work either. His behavior was getting worse and I didn’t know what else to do.I hate the idea of e-collars tbh but I researched a bunch of different collars and really liked this one because it has the vibration and tone. I ordered it and it arrived quickly and after adjusting it, it fits nicely on my dog. I let him get used to it and then I took him out for a walk and it was the most peaceful walk we’ve had in awhile. I was able to swiftly and efficiently curb his bad behaviors and would praise him with the good ones.I highly recommend this product as a training tool for dogs. It’s worked nicely so far and I’m impressed!

  5. Kim D.

    This collar has 3 settings which I love; one makes a sound, one vibrates, and one shocks. It’s been great for training however, the prongs that are used to vibrate or shock fall off constantly. It comes with four, two sets, one short, one tall, and in 2 1/2 months. I’ve lost all four. I’ve contacted the seller and I’m hoping to have them replaced. So far no response.

  6. Henry S Gonzales

    We just got a new 1 yr old pup. He loves to run and not always listen. We needed a collar that could beep, buzz, and jolt…. if needed. This collar fit the bill perfectly. It is solidly built, relatively light and easy to put on and off the dog. The batter for both the remote and the collar have been great. I have only had to charge the collar twice since I’ve had it. We use it almost every day so it gets a lot of use. Dog is not a swimmer so cant speak to the waterproofness of it, but it is solidly built and seems like it would do fine in water. Above all the it works. Has great range. Many levels of buzz and jolt so you can find just the right setting to get the job done. I would always beep the collar before buzzing or jolting. It only took a couple of jolts to get him to realize the beep is the last warning to listen. Since then I have not had to do anything but beep it if he isn’t listening. Depending on your pup results may differ, but This collar is a great tool. Easy to use and adjust to your liking. I would recommend this product if you are looking for a training collar.

  7. Sara Cardonne

    I have been using this collar for a few months to train my dog not to jump on people and to leave my cats alone. After some time of use he began to take the hint. I don’t have to use the collar anymore and it has served its purpose. Don’t feel bad about using this. It has a vibrate setting and a shock setting where you can adjust the levels. My dog has thick fur so I had to use the longer probes. Make sure you adjust the collar a little tight, not too tight, but tight enough to where the probes at least touch the skin. Otherwise they won’t feel anything. Realistically after a few uses, the dog realizes they don’t want to be shocked and they stop doing the action. You can leave the collar on them and they will assume that something wil happen at all times. I haven’t even had to use it in a while. I keep it in case I have to train then for something in the future. Works fantastic!!

  8. sk

    We have 115lb pup we are training and this is great for him! The size of the collar is really adjustable, and I love that there is beep, vibrate and shock functions with different levels for shock. The collar a great training tool to have. We have gotten it wet and had zero issues and the battery on the collar and remote both last a long time! I probably charge once every 12-14 daysUpdate. Remote stopped working. Will charge but will not work when buttons pushed. We’ve only had since October? 😭

  9. Steve Fig

    Our Golden Retriever is in that pure anarchy and hilarity stage where he’s dangerously fast, gets the zoomies all the time, and loves protecting the property. Sometimes he runs down to the creek and disappears from our sightline so these collars help get him back to the house. In the house, he parkours off my wife and I, leaving us in pain and laughing because he can’t help control his excitement. My huevos have paid dearly. But a quick beep and he’s back to his normal self. If that doesn’t work, a little static goes a long way. Our old one – which we lost the remote for – was always either not making contact or up way too high and he would scream in pain. This one gives you two prong sets in the box so pick the one that will work best for your sized pup. A smaller dog or shorthaired, the short prongs work best. The long prongs are perfect for fluffy dogs. The static itself won’t jolt the dog but you can tell he’s feeling it as his calm demeaner sets in.The remote is where this unit really shines. It displays battery strength for the remote AND the collar. Which is great so you know when it’s time to charge rather than find out the hard way when the dog is off in the woods somewhere and not responding. The remote also will trigger the collar out of it’s ‘sleep’ mode so you don’t have to go and hit the button on the dog every time. I only whish there were some grippy rubber material somewhere on it so it doesn’t slip out of your hand, but a little skateboard tape can fix that.Overall, this unit does it’s job well. I do wish there was another sit of prongs that are a little longer and the static power went up a few more notches for those times when he’s unresponsive at the max setting.

  10. Aly

    Been using this collar for a few months now and it has helped tremendously with training. Long battery life. Has a lot of levels for vibrate which is a strong vibrate and gets the dogs attention quick. A lot of levels for shock as well. Also love the lock setting on the side of the remote so you can’t accidentally vibrate/shock the dog while the remote is in a pocket. Would absolutely reccomend!

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